Choosing the Right Garage Door

Your garage door can instantly add value to a home, and many times can be the main focal point, especially when it is at the front of your home. You have several options with garage door installation such as the manufacturer, material, insulation, style, color, windows, and decor hardware to make it your custom garage door. Our garage door technicians have a catalog of possibilities on their fleet to show you the best options for your style and budget.

Sometimes, a new garage door is the best option when there are too many costly repairs that will ultimately lead to more repairs in the future. After all, your garage door is the largest entry to your home and needs to operate to optimal functionality and safety standards. We blend the necessity of a secure door with an attractive look for any garage door replacement.

When looking at garage door replacement, one should also consider hardware. Are you replacing a whole new garage door system with complete with parts, or just the garage door sections? The garage door opener has to have the appropriate specifications to carry the weight of the new garage door as well. There are a variety of facotrs to consider. All of our garage door installation technicians professionally replace the old door for proper removal so your garage door replacement can take place.

door link manufacturer

These doors have endless options and low wait times. We have done countless jobs for these doors. Click on the photo to learn more. Pictured here are recessed short panels in white.

garaga manufacturer

Also a great quality door, these doors are carriage house style with a V layout and windows in a mocha color. We have worked with this manufacturer often. Click on the photo to learn more about what they carry.

clopay manufacturer

A reliable name and popular for homeowners and builders, we do offer residential & commercial options from this manufacturer. These are custom wood doors with windows. Check out their different options and call us to build a quote!

amarr manufacturer

Very common among garage doors, only certain dealers in Houston can obtain these. We would be happy to order and install these for you. Here we have recessed short panels in gray with windows and handles. Click to learn more.

CHI manufacturer

These doors are great quality, but tend to be more expensive. They have a variety of styles, colors, and designs. These doors are raised long panel in almond with windows. Click on the photo to view more.

garage door front

Raised Panel

Traditional raised panel doors are economic, typically made of steel, and open overhead. They come in a variety of colors and options whether short or long panel, or insulated or non insulated. Most manufacturers offer these.

flush panels with windows

Flush Panel

Also popular are flush panels. They offer a simple and modern look, while also economic. They come in a variety of colors and can also be insulated and customized. These open overhead.

garage door home

Carriage House

Carriage House Design is highly customizable and give a craftsman look to a home. They can give the appearance of wood, but can be made from steel and fiberglass as well. They have different colors available as well as different layouts. They can open overhead, swing out, or tilt up.

amarr gray windows


For a simple and elegant look, recessed garage panels have an inlay. They also are customizable with colors and insulation and typically will be found in steel or wooden doors. These can open overhead, swing out, or tilt up.

modern garage door

Full View

Typically, these modern doors consist of aluminum and glass, going well with modern house with unconventional materials. These adds sophistication to home and come in different layouts and colors.

Steel Garage Door

Steel Garage Door

The steel door proves to be the most popular, being both affordable, durable, and needing little maintenance. Add insulation and the garage door is dent resistant as well while saving you on energy bills, especially in the summer.

Wood Garage Door

wood garage door

These garage doors provide a visually attractive look to the home, but require significantly more maintenance. Our experts provide tips on how to best maintain these doors and also provide maintenance services.

Fiberglass Garage Door

fiberglass garage door

Fiberglass doors have increasingly grown popular for their lightweight door and efficiency. These garage doors also require little maintenance, making them great options for an attractive look and economic price tag.

Full View Garage Door

aluminum garage door

The combination of aluminum & glass garage door is modern and sleek, and great for homes using unconventional materials. The aluminum is moderately resistant to various weather conditions while the glass does require some care. 

Customize Your Garage Door Installation

  • Garage Door Material
  • Garage Door Style
  • Type of Insulation
  • Garage Door Color or Wood Grain Textures
  • Long Panels or Short Panels
  • Window Options
  • Complete Door With Motor or Door Only
  • Decor Hardware

window arrangements

Most garage doors in Houston have 4 rows. Typically, we choose to add windows onto the third row or top row. You can also opt to install windows as select squares rather than have a full row. Another modern way to arrange windows on a flush panel door is vertically, or in harmony.

window types

This is a sample of different window style examples. Different manufacturers may have different ones available not shown here.

Most windows come in clear, but for more modern doors or to customize further, other options include satin, graylite, pinhead and bronze. These add an accent to the door, but retain privacy by not being clear.

Garage Door Replacement Accessories & Features

Panel Types

You can have short, long, ribbed, or flush panels for a more standard look or have more intricate designs in many colors and stains!

Garage Door Handles

The decor kits serve an aesthetic purpose in general and our technicians place these to create a tasteful and beautiful effect. We have accents & handles in many styles.

Garage Door Handles

Garage Door Installation Process

  • Phone Consultation or In Person Estimate Based On Preferences and Budget

  • Evaluation of the Condition of the Garage and Hardware

  • Take Measurements

  • Schedule a Date to Begin Garage Door Installation or Garage Door Replacement

Garage Door installation process In Person Estimate And Measurements

Trusted & Experienced

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A garage door repair or installation is not something any handyman can do. It takes a trusted professional with training and knowledge to create a great experience. Each garage door champion tech is experienced with all facets of your garage, and will offer his best advice when completing your garage door replacement.

Reliable & Insured

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Booking an appointment is easy and stress free with us. Inform us if you would like same day or immediate service, select a time slot, and we arrive on time to begin. Just need an estimate for garage door replacement? We schedule these as well. Other garage door companies may be pushy and sales-heavy while we prefer to be honest and respectful.

No Garage Door Installation Is the Same

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We don’t believe in a uniform solution for every problem. Each garage door replacement needs inspection before the right solutions are presented. We also prefer to speak with you about what your hopes are to fix the problem along with what other problems you have been facing.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Our techs make sure to inform you of the appropriate solutions for the garage door issue you have. We go through a consultation to determine your preferences and to evaluate each garage on an individual basis. We guarantee you excellent service and workmanship along the way for your garage door replacement.

Our Specialties

Champion Garage Door Service provides complete garage door installation services. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask or refer to our contact page. We provide emergency services and other same day services in the evening and on weekends.  

  • Emergency Service or Same Day Service
  • Personalized Garage Door Installation Solutions
  • In Person Estimates; No Bait & Switch
  • Qualified & Insured Technicians

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Contact Information

The easiest way to receive an accurate price on garage door installation is to complete an in person estimate. Our technicians consults you on the best garage door options based on your preferences, budget, and condition of your garage.

General Garage Door Services

Garage Door Weather Stripping

We offer sealing services to keep your garage free from outside weather conditions. 

Garage Door Spring Repair

Our champion craftsmen will acquire the correct spring for replacement, install, and ensure correct performance.

Garage Door Opener Installation

We provide you with your various garage door opener options for your weight, size , and type of garage door for most brands.

Sensor Troubleshooting

If an object is not obstructing the sensors, we can troubleshoot to find the underlying cause which may be the opener, or may need reset.

Garage Door Installation

This includes removal of the old door if a garage door replacement, the actual garage door installation, and garage door parts such as the track.

Garage Door Panel Replacement

Unappealing dents can cause a door to go off track and can be replaced often with panel replacement instead of a full door replacement. 

Track & Cable Repair

We can repair any metal damage to the track, replace the track, perform cable realignment, or cable replacement.

Garage Door Parts Inspection

Many times the solution is not often obvious when there is a problem, and we will conduct tests to assess where the damage originates for any garage door repair in Houston.

Garage Door Hinges Replacement

Your door is made up of several hinges, and need to be replaced every so often. It is easy to replace as the number of the hinge denotes where in the garage these belong.