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Automatic Gate Installation

Increase The Value of Your Home

  • Resale Home Value Increase

  • Make your Property More Secure

  • Adds Privacy

  • Keep Children & Pets In

  • Possibly Lower Insurance Rates

Our Comprehensive Services

  • Any Gate Material or Style

  • Commercial and Residential

  • Gate Operator Installation

  • Access Control Options to Automate Your Entry/Exit

About Our Automatic Gate Installation

Automatic gate installation can instantly add value to your home or property. With our gate services, you have the opportunity to work with a professional and reliable crew. We will design and craft the perfect gate that complements the architecture and landscaping of your home or benefits the goals of your business. Our work ethic strives for excellent craftsmanship and the knowledge to create seamless automation to pair with your gate.

When it comes to choosing driveway gates Houston, Champion is your one stop shop. We use a well established and qualified supplier to bring you a gate that lasts. Our gate representative will work with you to gather your preferences and design the right gate for your property. Some options to select is the shape, the style, privacy add ons, and automation. A gate can add a rustic or a modern look. We are happy to look at inspiration photos  from the internet or catalogs at your consultation.

A security gate is a great way to protect your home or business from unwanted visitors or intruders. Not only does it act as a barrier, but it can be equipped with sophisticated access control technology that deters trespassers.

Our iron gates are powder coated and galvanized to high industrial standards which have increasingly gained popularity over the last 5 years. They are versatile in design, durable in harsh weather, and have high longevity rates. They come in many dimensions to complement any driveway width and length.

Create Your Driveway Gates Houston Design

Tell us your vision and preferences and together we will create the perfect gate for your property. Finishing touches include amount of horizontal bars, general shape, spears or tickets, having mesh, or general style.

Measuring & Ordering Parts

Digging Postholes & Setting Posts

Adding Hinges or Slide Hardware

Hanging/ Placing Gate

Mounting  & Programming Opener

Adding Accessories or Setting Up Access Control

measuring & ordering parts driveway gates houston
digging postholes driveway gates houston
adding hinges or slide hardware automated gate installation
hanging / placing gate driveway gates houston
mounting & programming opener driveway gate
adding accessories or setting up access control gates

Compare Gate Materials

wrought iron driveway gates houston

Wrought iron gates automatic gate installation works well for residences and businesses alike. Durable and versatile, they can be swing gates, sliding, or double swing. They typically come in black, but there are other color options. They can be made simple and modern or ornamental and regal in a way that elevates your property. They do need to be painted every few years because they are prone to fade. To prevent rust, iron gates are cleaned and coated beforehand. Sections can be replaced rather than the whole gate if any damage is noticed. They are also heavy and labor intensive.

wooden driveway gates houston modern

Wooden gates also come in a variety of styles and can be sliding or swing gates. They are strong, heavy, private, and aesthetically pleasing. They do, however, require more maintenance. Wooden automatic gate installation needs to be painted, stained and sealed, but can deteriorate from moisture, insects, and the sun. We recommend these to be automated since they can be heavy to open manually. They are also labor intensive and requires precise placement that allows gaps within the panels to expand and shrink throughout the seasons.

vinyl less popular materials gate

Aluminum automatic gate installation is lightweight, not likely to rust, and more affordable, however they are not as sturdy which can offset the point of installing a gate. Both iron and aluminum resist corrosion. Steel is durable, also rust and corrosion resistant, modern, and stronger than iron. It also requires less maintenance such as not requiring coating. It is more expensive and does not come in as many options as iron does. Vinyl is a synthetic material that offers versatile designs and does not rust, but it can crack in the cold and warp in the heat. Luckily, panels can be replaced easily with vinyl automatic gate installation rather than having total gate replacement.

Swing vs Sliding Gates

Swing Gate

single swing gate houston

Swing gates are popular for residential properties. One thing to note before deciding on the movement of your gate is the amount of space you have and the slope of your driveway. These work best on flat planes.It is also important to note the direction the gate should open and close.

Sliding Gate

sliding gate automatic gate installation pic

Sliding gates are not prone to as much break down as a swing gate. They require more space, but will work with a sloping driveway. These are popular for residential and commercial use. They are harder to pry open than a swing gate and thus may be more safe to thwart off intruders.

Double Swing Gates

double swing gate driveway gates houston pic

Another alternative, the double swing gate tends to be popular for two way traffic driveways like apartment complexes. Each side can work independently of the other. They do require more maintenance since each side works on a separate opener and generally need to be on a flat plane.

Refine Your Vision

Gate Shapes

Shapes can also be customized with amount of cross rails, open or closed tops or bottoms as well as height or use of logos.

standard arc shape gate

Standard Arc

This shape resembles a standard arc with both sides ending lower than the center.

commercial gate shape


Commercial gates can also be customizable, typically having the shapes of an arc, straight across, or bell curve shapes.

straight across gate shape

Straight Across

This shape as its name suggests, has no height differences, giving these gates a modern look.

bell curve driveway gate shape

Bell Curve

This shape is more whimsical and and has multiple peaks and valleys, yet are more circular rather than angular.

valley inverted arc driveway gate shape

Inverted Arc

The opposite of a standard arc with the sides ending higher than the center.

peak shape driveway gate


Rather than an arc shape, the peak shape is more triangular with the sides lower than the center.



Metal or wood, is also more simple, but has contemporary elements that can elevate your space.


Made of metal or wood, is more simplistic, rustic, relaxed, and casual.


Usually less stylized and more concerned with safety and access control elements. They can still be aesthetically pleasing using simple modern or rustic elements.


Has a stately presence, being wide and tall. It upscale and can have cameras or intercom system.

Art Deco

Art Deco driveway gates Houston takes elements from the 1920’s, of metal in nature, and geometric.


Tends to be of metal, stately, and usually has ranch logo or unique to property elements.


This style has wood working elements, patterns, cutouts, intricate, unique and plays with angles.


Classic wooden look with vertical plank components.

gate operator install liftmaster installation
gate operator install swing arm

Gate Operator + Installation

Automation enables users to stay in their vehicle while gates open or close whereas manual gates require the opposite and do not have operators.

  • Many Brand Options Available Such As LiftMaster, Elite & Viking
  • Includes The Motor, Arm (if swing gate), Track (if sliding gate), Remotes
  • Choosing the Right Operator for The Size & Weight of the Gate
  • Importance of Rated Cycles, Control Board, Programmability, Warranty, & Usage
  • An Electric Gate Can Open Manually During a Power Outage Using A Battery Back Up or Release Key
  • Gate Operators Automate the Gate
  • Photo Eyes To Prevent Gate From Hitting Vehicles
  • Safety Loops & Exit Loops

Access Control Options

Access control offers a sophisticated hands free way to control traffic, in this case, with automated gates. There are endless options available that include intercoms, buzzer systems, keypads, remote access, card readers, phone entry, exit loops and safety loops, timers, and more. 

access control for gate

This type of access control enables the user to contact a device that requests access from the gate or a control station in order to open the gate when entering. This includes card readers, keypads, buzzer systems, phone entry, and remotes. Timers may also be used automatic gate installation for businesses that require specific capacity requirements. Many of these options can be customized using program apps and software.

access control advanced automatic emergency gate

Some gates, primarily commercial, require additional permitting and emergency settings. We offer these services that include maglocks and emergency entrance and exit.

exit loop safety loop automatic gate installation

Many residential, including apartment complexes, as well as commercial gates prefer automatic gate opening upon exit. We use exit loops that detect vehicles using photo eyes that would negate the use of any code method for the user to input. Automatic gates are also equipped with safety loops to prevent the gate from hitting vehicles as they move.

Maintenance Packages


We conduct a rust inspection and paint over the gate. We wash the gate, apply waxes & protectant, tighten hinges, lubricate wheels, if any, hinges and chain(s).


Wooden gates need to be annually checked. We wash the gate, apply waxes & protectant, tighten hinges, lubricate wheels, if any, hinges and chain(s).


Operators also need to be annually inspected to either replace or check the battery and make sure everything works correctly.

maintenance packages driveway gates houston

Who We Serve

Our driveway gates Houston services many businesses and residences alike For automatic gate installation, take a look at all kinds of entities we serve:  

  • Residences/ Rental Properties
  • Apartment Complexes/ Communities
  • Construction Sites
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Malls
  • Warehouses or Car Dealerships
  • Any Business or Government Entity

Gate Support & Additional Services

Emergency Support & Repairs

satisfaction guaranteed garage door spring repair

We know that gates are an investment to your property and we ensure that you have the support you need in an emergency. Expect fast responses and thorough communication for any questions or concerns before or after service is given.


no garage is the same garage door weather stripping

Our automatic gate installation warranties include warranties on labor and parts for the gate, operator, access control technology and miscellaneous parts. This does vary depending on the products used for your gate, but is included in every service we provide.


trusted & experienced garage door spring repair

Some automatic gate installation requires more customization. We have techs that specialize in welding our driveway Gates Houston that include corner welds that are grounded and smooth. We offer this service for both residential and commercial customers.


reliable & insured garage door weather stripping

For residential customers, we do offer financing for automatic gate installation. We work with a third party that has 95% acceptance rate and payment schedule can be arranged. For driveway gates Houston, call us for more info on this option.

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