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From All The Garage Door Companies Houston Based, Why Choose Us? -We Create Custom Solutions Built To Last.


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The Champion Way

Need a spring replaced? We don’t just replace it with any spring. In fact, we take note of your garage’s specifications to ensure you are getting the right spring, combined with your preferences, and provide you with your options so that you are fully informed. 

Out of many garage door companies, all of our garage door techs are certified and insured, and have over 15 years experience. Moreover, each vehicle in our fleet includes the tools and parts necessary to perform the job right on site. We take your satisfaction seriously and hope to surpass your expectations from start to finish. 

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Our Process

Champion Garage Door Service provides complete garage door services. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask or refer to our contact page. Also, we provide emergency services and other same day services in the evening and on weekends.  

  • Emergency Service or Appointment Availability
  • Custom Solutions
  • In Person Estimates
  • Qualified & Insured Technicians

Why Choose Us?

Of Trusted Garage Door Companiestrusted & experienced garage door spring repair

A garage door repair is not something any handyman can do. It takes a trusted professional with training and knowledge to safely perform the job. Each garage door technician is experienced with all facets of your garage, and will offer his best advice when completing a job.

Streamlined and Hassle Free Booking Process

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Booking an appointment is easy and stress free with our online booking platform or calling in. We arrive quickly for an emergency or in 2 hour appointment windows for non urgent services. Just need an estimate? We schedule these as well – just let the representative know. 

No Garage Is the Same

no garage is the same garage door weather stripping

We don’t believe in a uniform solution for every problem. Each garage door needs proper inspection before we present the perfect solution. We assess your current door, motor, and other parts to install the right options.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

satisfaction guaranteed garage door spring repair

Our technicians ensure to inform you of the appropriate solutions for the garage door issue you have. We go through a consultation to diagnose repairs needed with your budget in mind. We guarantee you excellent service along the way.

Partner With Us

Champion Garage Door Service partners with builders, management companies, homeowners, realtors and more. We prioritize your jobs with fast arrival, streamlined processes and customizable accounting.

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Request An Estimate Online

The Best Way to Contact Us Is By Phone or Our Online Booking Feature. Please Allow One Business Day to Respond to All Message Inquiries

Contact Information

The best way to receive an accurate price on any garage door service is to complete an in person estimate. Our technicians consult you on the best garage door options based on your preferences, budget, and condition of your garage. Sometimes, we can match or beat pricing from other garage door companies Houston.


What's Included In Our Service

  • Tune-Up Your Garage Door System Parts and Functionality
  • Repair and/or Replacement Service
  • Performance Test of Full System

Our Booking Process

  • Discuss Garage Door/Gate Issue
  • Free Phone Quote or In Person Estimate
  • Same Day Service or Appointment Availability
  • Flat Rate Quotes & Customer Service Values Unlike Other Garage Door Companies Houston 

Message Us

We will get back with you within one business day. For immediate assistance, please call us at 346-298-1690.

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Garage Door Companies Houston F.A.Q.

How come my garage door wont't close?
There are numerous reasons why your garage door won’t close, and the answer may be as simple as changing out the battery on your opener transmitter or moving the obstruction from the sensor’s path. Other times, it could be your garage door opener limits need to be changed or reset, or your spring broke and you need a replacement! However, if you are not sure which of these reasons your garage door won’t close, have a professional check it out. Out of many garage door companies Houston, Champion will leave you most satisfied.
My garage door won't open and I need to go. How soon can you be here?

We are in the business for emergencies and so we always make sure to allocate time for those emergencies that can never be planned. Also, we do offer same day services as well for less urgent matters. Give our office a phone call and set up an appointment or immediate booking. From all the garage door companies Houston, choose Champion to put you first.

I need garage door opener installation. What brands do you work with?

We work with most garage door opener brands. Therefore, just let us know if there is a particular brand you would like to use for garage door opener installation and we will be happy to work with you.

Part of my garage has a dent in it. Do I have to replace the whole door?

Unfortunately, the answer depends. Usually if you have only one or two panels, we can replace those panels only to match your existing panels. If you have two or more panels that need replacement, consider replacing the whole door. It would be more cost effective in the long run since all of the panels and parts would be new.

Why does my garage door make screeching noises when it opens and closes?

Your garage door is made up of numerous parts, and when one part is not in sync, it can affect the rest of the parts. If your garage door is screeching, it can be a number of things: your garage door rollers may not be perfectly smooth or has an obstruction or the opener drive may need to be looked at. Don’t call other garage door companies; we will do it for you!

What types of payment do you take?

We accept cash, virtual payments like Zelle or Venmo and card payments (extra 5% fee included). Our office representatives also handle payments. If you are a commercial client, we accept checks or ACH payments.

Can I book an appointment online?

Yes- we have our schedule available for you to book online for any garage door track service. For immediate service, feel free to call us at 346-298-1690.